In the final undercard bout on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley pay-per-view, the crowd-pleasing Jorge Arce took on Jesus Rojas.

Arce landed a left hook just 17 seconds into the bout that knocked Rojas down. Rojas was able to get up and they went back to brawling, but Arce’s body work was setting up shots to his opponent’s head. Rojas only knows how to fight one way and that’s coming forward, so he pressed Arce after getting to his feet, creating a tremendous action round. Rojas actually ended up having a very good round and likely would have won it had he not suffered the early knockdown.

Right away in round three, Rojas landed a low blow and a headbutt. As Arce was reacting to the fouls, Rojas stepped behind him and landed a hard shot to the back and one to the ear. Arce tumbled to the mat and was badly affected by the fouls. He repeatedly said that he couldn’t stand up or he’d fall down, likely due to a blown eardrum. This led to the fight being waived off and the fight being ruled a no contest.

For those who don’t know, Jorge Arce is not the kind of fighter who looks for a way out. If he says he was hurt, I’m going to believe that he was hurt.

In the end, it’s just disappointing to see a fight that was shaping up to be very good fight end on a strange no contest.

Source : Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results: Jorge Arce And Jesus Rojas Fight To Bizarre No … – SB Nation