Richard Dawson, who died today from esophageal cancer, was a huge star on TV, especially in the ’60s and ’70s when two of his shows were big ratings hits.

And he’s easily found on DVD.

On “Hogan’s Heroes,” which ran for seven seasons beginning in 1965, he played Britisher Cpl. Peter Newkirk, regularly throwing comments at his French counterpart, Cpl. Louis LeBeau, played by Robert Clary.

Though the premise of the series was unusual, to say the least, it was a huge hit. Dawson once said, “We ran six years, a year longer than Hitler.” 

The entire run of the series  is available on DVD as a complete series for less than $70.

Two of the game shows he also appeared on are also available. Mill Creek Entertainment’s “The Best of the Match Game” features four discs with 30 episodes.


The celebrity most often seen were Dawson, Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers. Some of the celebrity guests include Michael Landon, Debralee Scott, Marcia Wallace, Bert Convy, Eva Gabor, Mary Wickes, Betty White and Marcia Wallace.

“The Match Game” was a delight with its outright use of double entrendres and just a relaxed attitude not seen on other game shows of its day. 

And “The Best of All Star Family Feud” from BCI features four discs when the game was played by celebrities from such shows as “Dallas,” “Gilligan’s Island,” “Three’s Company,” “All My Children” and “Leave It to Beaver.”

There’s a nostalgic value in the stars on the “Feud” shows, many of whom have passed on. Be aware, though, there are repackages of “Feud” shows from Mill Creek Entertainment with fewer discs. BCI’s is the most complete.

In addition, Dawson had also a role on “The Outer Limits” in “The Invisibles.” It’s available in “The Outer Limits: Season One, Volume Two” or the complete series set.  

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