There certainly is no shortage of entertainment at AT&T Park these days. The San Francisco Giants are not only just two seasons removed from their first World Series in the Bay Area, but they also have quite an entertaining group of players, led by the Kung Fu Panda, Pablo Sandoval.

Fans at AT&T Park wear panda hats to show their love for Sandoval, giraffe hats for the young Baby Giraffe, Brandon Belt; milk man suits for the Melk Man, Melky Cabrera; and fake beards for the bearded closer, Brian Wilson, and his setup man, Sergio Romo. 

As long as no one is doing the wave, playing with beach balls, entering the stadium in the third inning or leaving by the seventh like the “fans” at Dodger Stadium, then I am all for this kind of extracurricular entertainment at the ballpark. Baseball is just a game, after all. 

Sandoval leads the way as the biggest clown on the current Giants roster, and by clown I mean the player who is most entertaining to follow in a non-baseball sense. No one in all of baseball exudes as much joy for the game as the Giants’ gregarious, bubble-blowing, larger-than-life third baseman. 

However, Sandoval is not the only player who is clearly enjoying himself on the current Giants’ roster, or among former Giants, for that matter.

Wilson and his beard have taken on a life of their own in San Francisco. Wilson famously wore a spandex suit to the ESPY Awards last season, showing his off-the-wall personality and insane wardrobe preferences. 

Wilson’s former roommate, Pat Burrell, also known as Pat the Bat and The Machine, was the lead clubhouse clown on the World Series team in 2010 and on last season’s squad that failed to defend the title. 

When Aubrey Huff, who made himself a famous clown in 2010 by wearing a rally thong underneath his uniform, struggled in right field during the first weekend of last season, Burrell famously drew a chalk outline of Huff in right field before batting practice to poke fun at Huff’s failed diving and flopping attempts.

Tim Lincecum, also know as The Freak, is not immune to enjoying himself, either. The Giants’ long-haired ace is famous for his ability to devour In-N-Out burgers while wearing a beanie and looking like a high school freshman with his slight frame. Lincecum famously took his off-field fun too far in 2009, when he was arrested for marijuana possession. 

The current broadcasting team of Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow were clubhouse clowns in their playing careers with the Giants in the ’80s, and they have taken that same spirit into the booth. Kuiper has a more subtle, dry sense of humor than his colleague in the booth. Krukow is famous for eliminating fans with his ability to color them out of the telecast and for phrases like “Grab some pine, meat!”

Jon Miller is a Hall of Fame broadcaster who spends most of his time in the radio booth with his colleague, Dave Flemming. Miller and Flemming never played for the Giants, but there is no announcing tandem in baseball with a humor as intelligent and sophisticated as that of Flemming and Miller. Miller is particularly adept at dropping in advanced stats like Ultimate Zone Rating or On-Base Plus Slugging Percentage in a humorous manner. 

Krukow’s roommate back in the 1980s was the great Will Clark, also known as Will the Thrill and The Nuschler. Clark was a much more serious entertainer than Burrell, Krukow, Kuiper, Wilson and Sandoval. 

Krukow often tells the story of Clark’s first spring training game. When Krukow walked the leadoff hitter, Clark called timeout to come berate the veteran Krukow, saying something to the effect of, “If you don’t start pitching better, we don’t have a chance!” That type of over-the-top intensity drove Clark to be not only a great baseball player, but also a great entertainer.

The Giants have been full of entertaining personalities over the years, which fits well with the laid back culture of the Bay Area. While winning is the ultimate goal and the main reason why fans follow a team, having entertaining personalities makes fandom all the more enjoyable. 

The 2010 World Series team was the perfect combination of winning and entertainment. Giants fans will always remember that team because of what they accomplished on the field, as well as for the personalities that came together to create that success. 

The Machine. Pat the Bat. The Beard. The Freak. Kung Fu Panda. The Rally Thong. The 2010 San Francisco Giants were a team of entertainers, clowns and freaks. It all came together in the clubhouse and on the field. November 1, 2010 will always be the greatest day in the history of Giants baseball in San Francisco not just because of the World Series ring, but also because of the lovable players who won it for us. 

Source : Pablo Sandoval and the Biggest Clubhouse Clowns in Recent Giants History – Bleacher Report