Apparently, all season long Jimmy Iovine has been referring to Jennifer Lopez as “Jessica,” so the producers have put together a montage of all his flubs. “Of course, if she ever knew this, she would be so p***ed off,” he says to someone off-camera at one point. But I can feel for him: I’ve got a friend who knows someone named Jessica Phillips, and the finale has been driving her nuts for the past week.

“My daughter’s name is Jessica,” Jimmy offers, by way of apology.

“I know — you just don’t know my name,” Jennifer says, laughing.

Next up, it’s the women singing Chaka Khan songs — Ain’t Nobody, Through the Fire (which you haven’t heard until you’ve heard Skylar Laine sing it with her Mississippi drawl). On I’m Every Woman, Khan joins the women. Khan wails away, looking more animated than any of the women on the show this season. Always good for the pros to come around, show the kids how it’s done.

Source : Chaka Khan sings with the ‘Idol’ women – USA TODAY