The Rock the Bells 2012 lineup appears to have a star-studded roster for the music festival slated to begin in late August. However, three names are missing from the official website’s poster, even though the rap stars are shown on other ads.

Just a day ago, the news was announced via Twitter that Common was added to their concert lineup. Today, according to Guardian LV’s article, Common, Lupe Fiasco, and Missy Elliott are all absent from the poster shown at the RTB website. At the present time, their seems to be some confusion or controversy surrounding their appearances, or lack of appearances, at the show.

However, there are three different venues for the upcoming hip hop concert extravaganza. Checking the official Rock the Bells site shows that Common is listed on the ads for the shows at Mountainview, CA, and Holmdel, NJ. He is not listed on the ad poster for the first two day stop in San Bernardino, CA on August 18th and 19th.

As for Lupe Fiasco, the following tweet was sent out a few days ago by the rap star:

“‏@LupeFiasco Not doing Rock The Bellz…thats a typo fam and friends… #FreedomAintFreeMAY22”

So is it false advertising? Lupe doesn’t appear on any of the venue-specific ad posters on the RTB website at this point. So it is very likely he is not included in this concert tour. He may have been in talks to appear and decided to back out due to other events he had going on.

Tickets are currently selling to the public for all of the venues mentioned up above. The one things music fans will need to realize with Rock the Bells is that there is a lot of talent listed for these concerts which will take place over two-day periods of time on the east and west coast. Artists get sick, have personal matters to attend to, or just back out of appearances. So buying tickets now may seem smart, and probably will be worth it, but it’s important to realize that all artists currently advertised may not be who appears at the actual event. With that said, the lineups currently showing up on the posters seem to carry plenty of potential for a great show wherever it’s seen.

Would the lack of Lupe Fiasco, Common, and/or Missy Elliott sway you from buying tickets to Rock the Bells 2012 concert?

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