AUBURN, Alabama — On Tuesday night’s episode of MTV’s new series “Savage U,” host Dan Savage speaks frankly about sex and relationships with the students of Auburn University.

The show follows Savage and his co-host Lauren Hutchinson as they tour campuses around the country dispensing sex advice and awkward questions to the young collegiate scholars of our nation. The show filmed the Auburn episode in September of last year.

In between segments of Savage hosting a question-and-answer panel with students and approaching students in the quad to find out about their sexual status and opinions on various topics, he also has one-on-one meetings with a few students with issues who seek the hosts’ guidance.

One of these instances deals with an Auburn student who wants to know how to still live the college lifestyle while maintaining a long-distance relationship.

However, the student’s relationship query gets pushed to the side when he reveals he is saving himself for marriage. Savage warns the student that even if he doesn’t plan to have sex, he should always have “sex insurance.”

“I would have condoms around even if you have no plans to ever use them,” Savage said. “If you should ever slip up you don’t want that to result in a sexually transmitted infection or a a child!”

While none of the students seem to be particularly shy in front of the camera when delving into such personal information, you have to wonder how they’re feeling now that their peers and parents are privy to the type of information most college students try to keep away from the public eye.

For those interested in seeing just how direct the advice and questions on the show is, here is a link to the full episode. However, be forewarned the topic is sex and the conversation is explicit.

What do you think? Would you be willing to go on camera and answer personal questions or seek advice about an intimate situation in your life, or does just the thought of it make you cringe?   

Source : Auburn students speak openly about sex on episode of MTV’s ‘Savage U’ –