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April 22, 2012 08:19 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey returns to Bravo tonight. It’s the long awaited season premiere of the RHONJ and viewers want some answers! Why is Teresa Giudice now enemy number one among the ladies? Keep reading to find all the juicy details from tonight’s RHONJ episode.

The episode begins with a flashback of the dramatic reunion, where viewers learn that all the girls have turned against Teresa. After the screen goes black, Bravo lets the viewers know the story begins four months earlier.  Kathy is hosting a BBQ and of course the topic goes to Teresa and her cookbook.  Yes, the cookbook where she insults all of her friends and family.  Joe believes that his sister is miserable, so she wants to make others unhappy too.

Jacqueline is having Caroline and Teresa over for dinner.  This is the first time Teresa and Caroline will see each other since the whole “Olive Garden” comment.  “Hiiii guuuuysss,” Teresa calls out in her most annoying voice as she walks in Jacqueline’s house.  Teresa grabs Caroline for a chat outside to apologize for her “joke.”  “Is there moron stamped on my head?” Caroline tells the cameras.  Mama Manzo isn’t buying any of Teresa’s apologies.  A clueless Teresa tries to brush her comments under the rug and she actually hands Caroline a copy of her book.  I think Caroline is going to line the dog’s cage with that book.

Jacqueline is so lost on how to handle her daughter’s bad behavior, so she invites over her life coach.  Ashlee is upstairs and is also lost – on how to start the vacuum.  Now it makes sense why Ashlee went platinum blonde!  “I need someone to start getting through to her,” Jacqueline tells the cameras.

 To solve the problem, Chris tells Jacqueline she must go live with her aunt and uncle in Vegas. How is sending an irresponsible teenager to sin city supposed to help her? 

Caroline is headed to the doctor to discuss some health issues, especially her migraines.  After the doctor asks her some questions he gives Caroline the diagnosis – you are in menopause!  “That scared the shit out of me!” Caroline admits.  The doctor tells her like it is – you’re getting old! 

The housewives are packing their leopard swim suits, sex toys and kids to head to the Jersey Shore. When Melissa arrives at her shore house, it is in shambles!  Joe is surprising her with some renovations and a special sound proof room – because Joe is ready for some “gorgasms.”  Yes, sex-charged Joe is back!  Melissa, Joe and the kids now must bunk at the Walkie’s shore house.  As the couples sit down for dinner, the conversation turns to Teresa.  Joe is sick of Teresa being mean to his wife and talking bad about his family to the magazines.

Finally all the couples meet up at the beach, even the Giudices.  Teresa gets emotional when talking with her niece about how much she loves her.  Joe has a one-on-one talk with Teresa on the beach about the magazine article.  Joe tells Teresa he will always be there for her, but she doesn’t believe it.  Joe brings up money and Teresa gets very defensive.  ”Teresa is serious denial about life..be real and I’ll be real with you,” Joe tells the cameras.  Joe promises his sister that he would take care of her and the kids if Joe ends up behind bars.  Teresa just wants her and Joe to be close and feels they are on the right path.

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